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Subject Resources

LEARN helps students succeed in challenging subjects with videos and subject-specific skills. Our Subject Help offerings include the following:


Math Bridge Resources

Math CST 4
Exam Preparation

Math SN5




Secondary 4
Science Resources

Class Marker Tests

Our Classmarker quizzes enable students to test their skills and practice tests-taking. There are 50 available ClassMarker tests in Math & Science subjects for students to practice their skills and prepare for evaluation (login required).

LEARN's How-Tos

How-Tos series presents step by steps for common skills and tasks in a variety of subjects (writing lab reports, oral presentations en français, Creating a reference list, etc.). Along with step-by-step videos, each How-To contains downloadable resources and resource links to more information and support.

Exam Information

The information below was compiled to inform students and families about the compulsory June exams. The selected Ministère de l'Éducation documents include the structure of the exams and the administration procedures, as well as sample questions.

Featured Resources

Our goal with these resources is to highlight both great educational tools, as well as LEARN's awesome teachers and tutors. We hope that some of these gems will help make learning @ home productive and fun. This is also a great opportunity to feature some of the dedicated Quebec educators who continue to make a difference every day. And these... are some of their favourites!

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