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LEARN Tutoring


LEARN Tutoring provides online tutoring and homework help appointments, at no charge. Our online tutors are fully qualified Quebec teachers, experienced in tutoring, review and consolidation. We work directly with elementary (gr. 2 and up) and secondary students, and their families.

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What are the benefits of LEARN tutoring?

Session Dates

Session Fall 2023:

October 16 – December 14
(No tutoring on October 31)

Session Winter 2024:

January 15 – February 29

Session Spring 2024:

April 8 - June 6


Registration is temporarily closed.

We are currently experiencing high demand and will be hiring additional tutors to meet this need.

Please fill in your information on the waiting list so that we can contact you when registration is available.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions. We have answers!

Please consult the FAQ to find answers to many common questions about the services and resources offered by LEARN.


We email appointment offers within FIVE working days. The first appointment will be scheduled within two weeks. Except at peak times (beginning of each session), most appointments are scheduled within a week of the first request. If you don’t hear from us within FIVE working days, please reach out via email (tutoring @ There may have been an issue with your request, such as an email typo.

Within two (2) weeks of a student attending his/her first appointment, we will send out an email offer to book regular appointments for the next booking period (approximately 8 weeks).

Regular appointments are booked by session (fall, winter, spring).

Elementary students are eligible for a maximum of ONE 30-minute appointment per week. During certain high-demand periods, we may only be able to provide one appointment every other week. We can sometimes offer last-minute appointments to students on a waiting list.

Secondary students are eligible for a maximum of TWO 30-minute appointments (in different subjects) per week.  During certain high-demand periods, we may only be able to provide one appointment per week. We can sometimes offer last-minute appointments to students on a waiting list.

LEARN tutoring runs from 5 to 8:30 PM, Monday to Thursday, during our Fall, Winter and Spring sessions.

All appointments happen online. There is no need for families to leave home to take advantage of the service. All you need is a computer, earphones or speakers, and internet access.

Specific materials, homework or questions can be shared with the tutor before the session. Please scan, photograph or send a link to before 4 PM on the day of the tutoring session, and we will pass along the resources to the tutor.

Students can also ask to share their Zoom screen or share a file in the chat during the tutoring session.

  • Fall session: Mid-October to December break
  • Winter session: January to end of February
  • Spring session: Early April to June exams
  • No tutoring is offered during the summer. Have a great holiday!

No. LEARN tutoring is funded by the Entente Canada-Quebec and home-schooled students are not eligible for these funds. 

LEARN tutoring is available to students from grades 2 to 11 registered in an English School in Quebec.

Students from Grade 2 through Grade 11 can participate in LEARN Tutoring.

Tutoring is available only to students in the youth sector, registered to an English school, from grades 2 to 11

We expect 24 hours notice before a canceled appointment. Except in case of emergency, a last minute cancellation is considered a missed appointment. Students receive a warning after each missed appointment. After three missed appointments, the student is removed from tutoring for the remainder of the school year.

Our tutors are on contract with LEARN. We do not arrange for private tutoring.

Tutors and students alike are not mandated to use webcams. If there is a specific reason why webcam use would be beneficial to a student, please identify this need to the tutor. 

Webcams require a lot of bandwidth, which may be limited in some regions, and others are concerned about privacy.

Free tutoring funded by l’Entente Canada Quebec is only available to public English school boards and those private English-language schools accredited for subsidies.

Have any other questions, please do not hesitate to communicate with us at: 


This page contains some handy information about our online classroom platform, Zoom.

For the best experience, download the Zoom Meeting Client. Go to site

If you are having problems connecting, please read this page BEFORE calling our support line at 1-888-622-2212.

Zoom is supported for Windows, Mac, iPad, Android and Linux. At this time, Chromebook support is limited (see below).

LEARN supports Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

Absolutely! Please just let your tutor know that you are connecting on a Chromebook. Chromebook, however, does not allow students to write on the whiteboard or share a screen. Audio, video, and chat do work.

Make sure that the microphone is connected to your machine before joining Zoom. When in the Zoom meeting, click on Join Audio or Join by Computer Audio to enable your microphone

No. Student webcams are turned off by default during appointments and may remain off throughout.

Participants who are unable to install the Zoom client on their computer or the Zoom app on their mobile device can join through their web browser. The Zoom web client offers limited functionality. For an optimal experience, if you MUST connect using a web browser, we recommend Google Chrome.

Annotate is not an option available when connecting using a Chromebook. In order to use annotation tools, you will have to download and use the Zoom client, not available for Chromebooks at this time.

LEARN discourages the use of mobile phones for tutoring. These devices do not offer an optimal tutoring experience.

If you are using a Windows 10 computer and unable to install the Zoom client (or anything not from the Microsoft Store), you may be using Windows 10 S. In order to use the Zoom client, you need to convert Windows 10 S to Windows 10 Home. Instructions can be found here. Go to site

When you first join your tutoring session, you will be placed in a virtual waiting room. If you are disconnected while in the waiting room, please wait a few seconds and then reconnect.

If these solutions do not solve your problem, please call our support number toll free: 1-888-622-2212.

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