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Historical Essay: Thesis Statement

A thesis statement is the heart of any essay.

It is the position you are taking.

It is the main idea around which the whole essay is built!


What is a thesis anyway?

A history essay begins with a thesis statement, a clearly written expression of the position you are taking. So your thesis statement needs to be well thought out, and your supporting evidence must relate directly to it. Your essay’s conclusion should also respond to your thesis statement.

But what is it? And, how do you create it? Follow the steps above, to see how it acts like a response, takes the form of one sentence, and how it balances pros and cons to take a stance.

A Response

What is it anyway? It’s a response to a question!

A thesis is simply a response to a question or topic. So, your first step is to make sure you understand the topic or question!

Use the Thesis Builder tool to:

  • Isolate keywords in the question
  • Write the question or topic in simple terms
  • Write out your gut responses to the question

Listen and watch Julian in Secondary 4 dealing with a complex essay question and trying to put it into simple words.

One sentence

Remember what it is, and what it isn’t? Write only ONE sentence!

Use the Thesis Builder tool to:

  • Consider your position (your angle)
  • Write your thesis using only one sentence!

Listen to Julian in secondary 4 working out his take on a difficult question and writing a thesis in one sentence!

Pros vs cons

Refining your thesis statement: Balancing Pros and Cons!

Use the Pros And Cons Thesis development tool to help refine your thesis statement by comparing different possible responses to the question or topic. Basically, you need to list some pros and cons to find out “where you stand” on the issue.

Use the Thesis Variations tool if you need to try a few different versions to get the best wording possible.

Return to the Thesis Builder tool to write your best thesis statement!

Listen to Julian from secondary 4 trying to see where he stands on a difficult essay question, mapping the pros and cons and finally coming up with a good thesis statement.


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