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LEARN's Student Help

At Virtual Campus, our role is to work directly with students and schools/school boards across the province to support academic success.

Our Virtual Campus provides:

Who do we support?

We support students and families in partnership with schools and school boards.

What we do

Course and Resource Development

Training and Support for online learning

LEARN Tutoring

LEARN Tutoring provides online tutoring and homework help at no charge. Our online tutors are fully qualified Quebec teachers. We work directly with students from grade 2 through grade 11.

What are the benefits of LEARN Tutoring?

Online and Blended Learning

The Western Quebec Virtual Campus provides support with online learning to English schools and school boards, which allows for equity of offerings across the province, no matter the size, staffing, or geographical location of the school.
All courses are offered fully online.

Access to engaging online resources 24/7 through a secure learning portal allows students to meet in a full-featured web-based virtual classroom.

Students are encouraged to communicate regularly, inside and outside class time, with their teachers, develop skills related to the use of technology, and participate in learning and reflection opportunities using online tools.

Online Learning Types

The Real-Time blended model features live online instruction integrated into the school schedule. Students interact with their teacher and each other using Zoom and collaborative group spaces!

The daily online class schedule is established in collaboration with schools.

  • 6 credit course – 5 weekly classes
  • 4 credit course – 4 weekly classes
  • 2 credit course – 2 weekly classes

Current Courses (2023-24):

  • Math Sec 4 SN 
  • Math Sec 5 SN 
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Science and Technology (555-444)
  • Science and the Environment (558-402)
  • Environmental Science and Technology (558-404)
  • Math Sec 4 CST
  • Pre-Calculus (option)

Self-Paced courses are an option where flexible scheduling is necessary.

Students access their online course(s) through a secure learning portal, follow the curriculum independently, with guided pacing, and the support of a teacher who monitors and regularly communicates with them.

Time for Self-Paced courses must be built into the participating student’s timetable.

To qualify, students MUST have sufficient time for online classwork in their school schedule.

IMPORTANT: Self-Paced courses work best with students who have auto-regulatory skills and are highly motivated.

Current Courses (2023-24):

  • Math Sec 4 SN
  • Math Sec 5 SN (565-506)
  • Physics (553-504)
  • Chemistry (551-504)
  • Science and the Environment (558-402)
  • Psychology (option)

All requests for online learning support with Western Québec Virtual Campus MUST come from the school or school board.

Virtual Summer School

LEARN offers online summer classes in partnership with some of Quebec's English School Boards.

Who can apply to Virtual Summer School?

Virtual Summer School is offered to students who:

  • Have already taken the course,
  • Earned a minimum 50% mark in a course, and
  • Have the prerequisite credits in the course.

Approval of the School Board is required for all students.

† Summer School options and policies are subject to change.


  • LEARN summer school teachers provide instruction and formative evaluation.  ​​​​
  • Virtual Summer School students register through their school boards to write Ministry exams. 
  • Feedback and attendance information are provided to families and school boards.
  • The School Board communicates the final results at the end of the summer school session.

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